CAFSA | Financial group

Government Code

Consult the functioning of the Corporate Governance bodies of Corporación CAFSA and Subsidirias.

Property Structure

Check out the ownership structure.

Remuneration Policy

Consult the general remuneration guidelines for Directors and Executives.

Board of Directors

Consult the composition and profiles of the board of directors

Technical Committees

Consult the general conformation of the corporate committees.

Senior Management

Check out the profiles of senior management.

Operations with Related Parties

See assets, liabilities, income and expenses of the corporation.

Adverse Event Information

See the main situations that have materialized or could harm business or activity objectives.

Differentiated Government Practices

Information on Corporate Governance practices relevant to understanding our Corporate Governance system.

Governance structure

Check out the profiles of senior management.

Revelación de Honorarios

Consulte sobre los honorarios por servicios de auditoría y otros servicios distintos de auditoría correspondientes al ejercicio 2023

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