Name ID Number of Direct Shares Total% of share capital
Purdy Motor SA 3101005744 ₡ 10,967,907,300.00 58,00%
Inversion Maqui SA 3101041539 ₡ 3,498,384,225.00 18,50%
Maribequi SA 3101046944 ₡ 3,498,384,225.00 18,50%
Compañía de Inversiones de San José G&J SA 3101055527 ₡ 945,509,250.00 5,00%
Total: ₡ 18,910,185,000.00

No movements are recorded in the shareholding structure that were made by members of the Board of Directors, General Manager or members of the Support Committees, in their capacity as shareholders, during the period.

Operations on the National Stock Exchange do not apply, as the Group's shares are not subject to public offering, as well as share buy-back programs.