Strategic objectives
Strengthen the business of our strategic partners with a clear win-win in the design of our products and services Maintain leadership in operating profitability (despite diversification)
Convert clear leaders in customer service through face-to-face and technological means Deepen the relationship with each client so that we achieve n = 3 / c by 2023
Develop mobility options in personal transport and logistics fleets Diversify the sources –products and services financed- of our growth and profitability over time
Enabling goals
Create a system of indicators and controls tailored to the strategy and based on objectives and strategic purpose
Placing ourselves at the technological forefront of relationships with customers and suppliers with some form of remote accessibility fintech
Consolidate the ability to attract funds from third parties - both institutional, corporate and personal - in CAFSA
Establish alliance mechanisms and presence in close proximity with leading suppliers in selected products and markets
Comprehensive design -convenient, efficient, profitable- of financial instruments tailored to the needs of each product-market-segment
Establish working alliances with suppliers of the highest quality and experience in the target markets and segments
Identification of goods, products and services for which the country's middle and upper middle class may require medium-term financing