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LESSOR CAFSA SA and FINANCIERA CAFSA SA (hereinafter jointly identified as “CAFSA”) as an entity committed to the security of its clients and users, in compliance with the Law on the Protection of the Person against the processing of their personal data (Law 8968), puts at your disposal the following Privacy and Data Processing Policy. By accessing our products such as the website, mobile applications and other technological tools, you accept the terms and conditions of our policy. 

The objective of this Policy is to guarantee our clients and the commitment and responsibility that CAFSA maintains with the collection, use and processing of the data provided through our forms or our website. 


About the information that is collected:

Since CAFSA manages a database with information on all our clients – natural or legal persons – who apply for any of our products, the following information is collected:

  • Personal information: Information obtained through forms related to our products, such as name, identification, address, telephone number, email and others.
  • Financial information: In compliance with regulations related to products purchased from our company, financial information is collected, such as Financial Statements, Income Certifications, authorizations to review credit history, among others. 
  • Commercial information: Information is obtained through forms related to the commercial profile and economic interest group of the client and/or their authorized representatives.


About the use of information 

The information that CAFSA collects will become part of a database for which our Information Technology Department is responsible, which can only be requested by authorized and duly trained personnel, and will be used only for the following purposes: 

  • Carry out the contracted transactions and/or comply with the contracted services. 
  • Sending important information related to CAFSA, for prospective purposes or information about new products or services, or for purposes related to services and transactions related to clients. 
  • Comply with laws and regulations related to transactions carried out with or through CAFSA. 

The information that is collected by CAFSA for the stated objectives is confidential, will be kept under strict security measures to safeguard its integrity and will not be shared by CAFSA or by the officials who have access to said information, except in the cases provided herein or in the cases that the applicable legislation and regulations contemplate. In accordance with our company policy, our employees must comply with this privacy policy under the risk of disciplinary action in case of non-compliance. 


Shared information 

Regarding the information collected by CAFSA, this will be used exclusively by the following subjects: internal staff of the group; affiliated businesses for the dissemination of products, promotions, services, discounts and others related to commerce; and, CAFSA suppliers when it is essential for the provision of the contracted services. In the event of a court order, legal mandate or request from regulatory authorities, the requested information will be shared. 


Links to third parties

Some of our products have links to third-party sites or services, which have their respective privacy policies, unrelated to ours. 


Information security

Grupo Financiero CAFSA will seek to protect personal data through encryption during the use of our products. These data will be kept for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected. Although no data transmission over the Internet is completely secure, CAFSA has security protocols, action protocols and data transfer protocols in accordance with current regulations, which, although they help in the protection of your collected data, do not guarantee the absolute security of your information. 


Cookies and similar technologies

Cookies are a small file with data that is saved on the user's computer when they visit a page. This file stores certain information about the user, such as their Internet browsing behavior or user credentials. 

CAFSA, through its website, uses cookies and similar technologies to collect information about your interaction with our site and improve your experience, however, you can configure this option in the browser of your choice. 


User rights 

The client may at any time request CAFSA to rectify their personal data that turns out to be inaccurate, incomplete or confusing, and if they no longer wish to use the services provided by the Grupo Financiero CAFSA applications, they can send an email to with the subject “Delete account data”, and in the detail indicate the email associated with the account that you wish to cancel, for us to proceed within a period of no more than 48 hours with the request raised, it should be noted that all the information related to your account will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

The client will have the right to expressly request CAFSA not to send them updated information, offers and others. As long as it is not requested, CAFSA reserves the right to send it. 

The confidentiality of the information that the client and/or their authorized representatives provide to CAFSA will be assured to any person, regardless of their nationality, residence or domicile, respect for their fundamental rights, specifically, their right to informational self-determination in relation to their private life or activity and other personality rights, as well as the defense of their freedom and equality with respect to the automated or manual processing of data corresponding to their person or property.


Modification of this policy

CAFSA reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy with the purpose of adapting it to current regulations without prejudice to the rights acquired by the client. The above will be informed to each client/user. 


Responsibilities in the use of the technological platform and the CAFSA website

The Client and its authorized persons are responsible for maintaining absolute confidentiality of their username, access code and any other security mechanism provided by CAFSA for the purposes of using the CAFSA technological platform. The client accepts responsibility for any illegal or unauthorized activity carried out through the use of their data or those authorized on the CAFSA technological platform. In this sense, the Client undertakes, on his own behalf and on behalf of those authorized by him, not to allow the use of his data by third parties not authorized by CAFSA.

In the event of unauthorized use by a third party of your account or password, or security mechanisms and/or that of your authorized persons, the client must inform CAFSA about it at the time of finding out.  

The client and its authorized persons release CAFSA from all liability for damages or losses that occur and are caused as a result of the use of the Client's data by unauthorized third parties. Likewise, CAFSA reserves the right to reject a service request, close an account or terminate the contractual relationship unilaterally and, especially, upon suspicion of any irregular activity, the use of customer data by third parties is prohibited. authorized.

CAFSA may close or restrict a client's access to the technological platform and/or terminate the contractual relationship with the client, if any improper use of the technological platform or the website is detected, understood as improper use, but not limited to. limiting, the following assumptions:

        1. Use the technological platform or the website for any use other than those authorized in the documents signed by the client.
        2. The use of automated mechanisms or tools or similar technology whose purpose is to extract, obtain or compile, directly or indirectly, any information contained on the website or on the technological platform.
        3. Any attempt to modify, adapt, translate, or convert the formats or computer programs of the Website or the technological platform or their contents.
        4. Use or make the HTML codes available to a third party.
        5. Collect and use product descriptions.
        6. Copy, imitate, replicate for use on mirror servers, reproduce, distribute, publish, download, display or transmit any content of the Website or on the technological platform (including trademarks) in any form or by any means; This restriction includes, but is not limited to, the following media: electronic media, mechanical media, photocopying media, recording media, or any other media.
        7. Access data not intended for the user or log into a server or account to which the user does not have authorized access.
        8. Attempt to interfere with service to any user, guest or network, including, without limitation, via means of submitting a virus to the Site or technology platform, overloading, flooding, spamming, mail bombing or crashing.
        9. Forge any TCP/IP header or any part of the header information in any email or newsgroup.
        10. Attempt or performance of fraudulent activities, including, without limitation, falsification of identities or payment methods.
        11. Provide any false or inaccurate information.
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