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It is an ally for your micro, small and medium-sized business that will help you simplify the expenses of your corporation, fleet and collaborators.

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Purdy Card Corporate not only gives you all the benefits you expect from a Credit Card, but now you will have full control of it.


Control of your vehicle fleet

No cost for additional card

Self-management and control platform


There is no cost for an additional card

Optimize cash flow

Control of your vehicle fleet

Self-management and control platform

All VISA benefits

Online data platform

Comprehensive benefits

Terms of use

Accumulation of Purdy Kilometers in any business

Allows purchases in colones and dollars

Payments through the Cafsa Online platform, SINPE transfer, in our CAFSA branches and offices

Allows international purchases

VISA Infinite Premium Services

  • Financial Statements of the last 2 fiscal closings and a recent cut no more than 3 months old duly signed by the accountant and the Legal representative
  • Legal status with shareholding with a view to the shareholders book
  • Identification of the current legal representative
  • Authorization signed from the Sugef Credit Information Center
  • Copy of the last income tax return
  • The approval of the card and its limit amount are subject to credit analysis.
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It is our new sticker that can be attached to your mobile device, ideal for “low-amount” transactions. Less contact, less risk.


There is also our corporate version, which can be attached to any vehicle, in order to control all expenses related to your fleet. Obtain online information on when, where and how much your employees and/or vehicles related to each sticker consume.

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